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Ta na na na na !
Apt in Manhattan Greenwich Village Hudson River Park Chrysler Building Mets vs Cubs - Long... Mets vs Cubs - Bud for ever SoHo House - Sex and the City Eye of God Turban Taxi Oasis on Long Beach Patriot Guard Rider NY Police Force She Brooklyn bridge Ta na na na na ! Fifth Avenue Moma - Cousin Machin Moma - Monochrome Delacorte Clock ... Central Time He Astro-has-been-land Smash at Coney Island Central Park Lake - Italian kitch NYC's Angel SoHo - Fun Bryant Park - And the winner is... Subway Ground 0 Street Wall Street - Close and Closer NY Public Library - Inside NY Public Library - Outside Empire State Building - 6eme ciel Empire State Building Bread Bar at Tabla - Men at work Metropolitan Museum of Art Times Square Chips on ride Times Square - Page de pub Electric girls... Broadway's Musical Food or not food Hot-dog : 2$ - Tomato : 2$ Battery Park Liberty Island - Queen Lady Freedom Hep ! Taxi ! Alive : don't touch ! Taxi Limousine Time to go home Pignon sur rue

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